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What are the Benefits of figs to Health?

It is the first place among the beneficial benefits of high nutritional fiber content and good digestive problems, especially constipation. However, figurative health benefits are not limited to just that. Magnesium, calcium and vitamin K rich in vitamins necessary for strong bones are among the fruits that help protect bone health.

You can also eat figs, which are indispensable for diet lists due to its extremely low calorie value (1 fig 40-45 calories), to lower blood pressure at the same time.
Blood pressure: The fig is very rich in potassium. Potassium mineral helps balance blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the most common health problems because today’s diet generally includes vegetables and fruits that contain less potassium, ready-to-eat foods that contain more sodium, canned food, and fast-food.

Regularly eating figs and vegetables rich in figs such as figs (dark green leafy vegetables, white beans, fish, mushrooms, bananas …) help prevent high blood pressure and consequent cardiovascular diseases.


Constipation: Constipation is caused by the inadequate nutrient fiber and the difficulty of passing the feces through the intestines, which hardens due to fluid consumption in less than the body needs. Nutritional habits are the main cause of insomnia.

In order to have a proper digestive system and to regularly take a toilet, you should consume vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients, and you should also increase the amount of water you drink during the day.

At this point it stands out as one of the fruits recommended to be consumed against fig calorie containing high fiber nutrients. In particular, dried figs are among the first lines of helping to organize bowel movements.


Diabetes: If you are looking for a fruit that is suitable for your diabetic nutrition list, figs can be for you. Dietary fiber-rich figs slow the absorption of sugar and digestion by the body. This feature is among the recommended types of people with type 2 diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes risk.


Bone Health: Almost all vegetables and fruits contribute to the health of the dog and help not to be protected from bone diseases. But there is a special place among these figs that contain magnesium, calcium and vitamin K. Magnesium helps calcium to strengthen the bones of calcium by helping the body process calcium.


Antioxidant: Dried figs are among the richest dry fruits of antioxidants. Fruit-borne antioxidants are known to be more effective than vegetable-derived antioxidants, especially in protecting eye health.

You can eat regular dried figs to protect against yellow spot disease (macular degeneration), an eye disease that is common among adults over 55 years of age.


Iron: 1 fig meets 1% of your daily iron needs. If you are consuming iron-rich vegetables and fruits due to iron deficiency, I suggest you add your pearl listener.


Losing weight:Weight Loss Nutrient-rich foods slow down digestion and prevent blood sugar fluctuations. It takes longer to get enough nutrients from this vine, so you can feel less and eat less during the day.

High-fiber figs can help you lose weight as a delicious snack as well as a prolonged feeling of toughness.


Heart health: Another beneficial feature for fig heart health that compensates for the high blood pressure that opens up the inside of the heart disease with potassium is that fig leaves reduce triglycerides.

You can contribute to your heart health by preparing tea with fig leaves.


Vitamin B:Fresh and dried fig contains vitamin B5, folate (vitamin B9), vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B6. All these B vitamins are used during the processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fats by the body.


Breast Cancer: According to a survey of 51,823 women participating in the postmenopausal period, women who consumed more fruit-derived food fiber were 34% less likely to have breast cancer incidence than those who did not. Among other fruit-rich fruits are apples, dates, figs, pears, and berries.


Cholesterol: When pectin (water soluble fiber) enters the digestive system, it cleans the excess cholesterol and makes it easier to remove it from the body.


Incirin Other Uses

Above I tried to give information about the health benefits of eating figs. Below you will find some information about the traditional uses of fig and fig leaf.


Acne: Spread the crushed fresh fig on acne and wait 15-20 minutes then clean with warm water. You can use this application as a cleanser and shine face mask for your entire face.


Throat ache: 1-2 pieces of dried figs 2 tea spoon together with honey in hot water for tea.


Mouth Wounds: 2-3 pieces of fresh fig leaf. Fig leaf helps to treat mouth wounds and prevents breath odor.


Is There A Damage To More Fig Figs?

Eating too many figs can lead to dietary fiber and therefore diarrhea. Fig leaf can cause allergies in some people.

Regular drug users to keep blood sugar in check should seek medical advice about possible side effects.

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